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Unlimited Storage
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Unlimited Space
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Unlimited Disk Space
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HostMonster Review – Don’t Sign Up Before You Read This

HostMonster has more than a decade experience in web hosting. As a result, a lot of webmasters are taking advantage of the experience to achieve quality web hosting at an affordable cost. Right now, an individual or business owner can use HostMonster Coupon $3.95 Per Month to enjoy tons of web hosting features, including vast array of unlimited web hosting features.

HostMonster Coupon $3.95 Per Month is a limited period offer and it covers tons of basic and sophisticated web hosting features. Activating and using the promo coupon is entirely hassle-free. The process is as simple as following the coupon’s link to the company’s official website where the coupon will be activated and applied. If you do not follow the coupon link to buy Hostmonster web hosting service, you will pay the full price of web hosting. So, take advantage of the half-price offer. In previous reviews, we explained tons of Hostmonster unlimited and free features. This review will focus on more features and their benefits.

HostMonster’s Web Hosting Features and their Advantages

HostMonster FTP Access

FTP access is very valuable when it comes to file storage and transfer over the web. It doesn’t matter the size of the file (e.g. such that would not pass through regular mail attachment), the FTP feature will enable exchange and transfer of such files via secure network. The full meaning of FTP is File Transfer Protocol.


  • Exchange and transfer of large files can be achieved easily and securely
  • When using HostMonster’s FTP tool, you will simply log onto your hosting account and gain direct access to the FTP tool via your cPanel. However, it is not so with several web hosting platforms as you would be required to download a separate tool in order to access their FTP.
  • There’s also the advantage of secure network when transferring files (this has been mentioned before). In essence, the security of your data during the transfer process is guaranteed.
  • The FTP tool is compatible with different OS (operating systems) which include Windows, Mac and Linux
  • As an FTP client, you can work over any internet host, voice servers, physical servers and game server.

The cpanel tool makes everything stress-free and as simple as possible.

HostMonster MySQL Database

This feature from Hostmonster is one of the unlimited features you can leverage for half the price of the original hosting cost. The latest is called MySQL 5 Database Server which is the most popular DBMS (Database Management System) all over the world. The DBMS system is quite fast and highly reliable. And, it exists as a multi user tool, featuring vast array of threads plus optimum performance benefit. It is globally recognized as being reliable. It is easy to acquire and use this tool since it comes as an open source system.


  • You can operate Hostmonster MySQL on ranges of operating systems. In essence, it can work on Windows, Linux, Mac or any other operating system.
  • It is compatible with wide range of online applications since it operates with high speed and offer excellent security options.
  • It handles huge volumes of data in an amazing speed.
  • MySQL from Hostmonster is a great tool that a webmaster can employ to develop a wide range of applications.
  • The tool’s command line is quite powerful, a webmaster can execute wide range of MySQL related questions with such command lines in a database.
  • Also, MySQL database tool enables webmasters to apply changes on their table’s structure even if the server is still on.

International Domain Names Support

In addition to multiple domains support, Hostmonster also support international domain names. All it takes to start using your international domain names (as many as possible) is to simply integrate it onto your Domain Manager.


  • You are not limited to local domain names, you are also allowed to host domain extensions. You will be provided with a step-by-step guide on how to assign either local or international domain to your Host monster account with ease.
  • You can choose from wide array of domain registration formats such as .com, .org, .info, .us or .biz.

HostMonster JavaScript Support

JavaScript scripting language is quite powerful and different from the normal Java programming Language. If you have a basic understanding of HTML, you can easily create an uncomplicated JavaScript. This tool comes with a surplus library of special features.


There are tons of things you can achieve with HostMonster JavaScript tool. Here are instances;

  • When a visitor clicks on a link embedded on your site, this tool would trigger pop-ups depending on how it is programmed to function.
  • The JavaScript tool is also useful for embedding objects such as slideshows
  • The tool can be applied to image properties manipulation as well, and you can also use it to add behaviors onto CSS functions.
  • Additionally, you can engage the tool to create wide range of web forms

Take advantage of HostMonster Coupon $3.95 Per Month to enjoy most of these features.

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